Platform development

SURF Learning Analytics experiment tool

SURFnet is an experiment to directly apply learning analytics in daily life. The goal of the experiment is to let education institutions gain hands-on experience with learning analytics and to examine how learning analytics can be applied in the education system and how learning analytics can contribute to a more effective and more efficient supervision of students. The online activities of students are investigated, as well as how this information can give teachers and students insight in their study progress. ACLA was involved in the development of the learning-analytics infrastructure and takes part in the experiment.

For more information, see SURFnet Learning Analytics.



Schoolpoort is an all-in-one platform for schools with digital portfolios and online tools for communication and administration. Schoolpoort is developed in collaboration with 250 schools and ACLA to take a first step towards personalized and adaptive learning. Student data is used to analyze performance and to offer tailor-made learning material to the student. The digital portfolio stores development, progress and talents of a student. The portfolio uses personalised learning;  matching the individual learning needs and the ambitions of the student. In addition, the system is used for communication with the parents and for all administration.

For more information, see Schoolpoort.


My House of Skills

My House of Skills is being developed as a unified online skills platform linking people, jobs and training. By recording occupations, qualifications, competences, education and training, the platform facilitates linking occupational profiles to that of job-seekers. Additionally, it facilitates an effective dialogue between skills demanded and supplied through online skill based matching of people with jobs and training. As a result, skills of individuals are better aligned with current vacancies, target occupations and recommended training opportunities.

For more information, see House of Skills.