Working Papers

Our Working Papers

  • Savi, A.O, Cornelisz, I., Sjerps, M.J., Greup, S.L., Bres, C.M. & Van Klaveren, C. (2021) ” Balancing Trade-Offs in the Detection of Schools at Risk”. ACLA Working Paper Series 20211.
  • Cornelisz, I., Cuijpers, P., Donker, T. & Van Klaveren, C. (2020) ” Addressing Missing Data in Randomized Clinical Trials: a Causal Inference Perspective”. ACLA Working Paper Series 20201.
  • Van Halem, N., Van Klaveren, C. & Cornelisz, I. (2019) ” The Effects of Implementation Barriers In Remote Online Proctored Examination: A Randomised Field Experiment in Dutch Higher Education “. ACLA Working Paper Series 20192.
  • Plak, S., Cornelisz, I., Meeter, M. & Van  Klaveren, C. (2019) ” Early Warning Systems for More Effective Student Counseling in Higher Education – Evidence from a Dutch Field Experiment”. ACLA Working Paper Series 20191.

  • Cornelisz, I., Meeter, M. & Van  Klaveren, C. (2018) ” Educational Equity and Teacher Discretion Effect in High Stakes Exams”. ACLA Working Paper Series 20182.

  • Cornelisz, I., Van der Velden, R., de Wolf, I. & Van Klaveren, C. (2018) “The Consequences of Academic Dismissal for Academic Success”. ACLA Working Paper Series 20181.