Welcome to the Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA), an academic research group established in the summer of 2016 with a mission to enhance outcomes in education, clinical practice, and labor markets through comprehensive research and collaboration.

In an age dominated by big data and evidence-based decision-making, ACLA stands at the forefront of driving positive change. Our multidisciplinary team merges insights and approaches from the learning, behavioral and computer sciences, and combines rigorous empirical evaluation methods with predictive modeling to conduct innovative research.


By fostering collaboration among researchers from various fields and institutions, ACLA harnesses their collective knowledge and competencies. These partnerships extend beyond academia, as we actively engage with educational institutions, organizations, and government bodies to implement promising innovations and drive impactful change.

Our research environment prioritizes combining the exploitation of relevant and high-quality data with innovative methodological research methods, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of how education, clinical practice, and labor markets can be effectively optimized and tailored to meet evolving needs. Join us at ACLA as we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and shape a future driven by evidence.