Our goal

Founded in the summer of 2016, the academic Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA) is devoted to improving education and labor market outcomes by adopting a comprehensive approach towards learning analytics.

In the emerging era of big data and data-driven decision making, Learning Analytics holds great potential for better accommodation of individual needs and quality improvements. Effectively redesigning education and labor market practices requires an approach which, at its core, is theory-, data- and method-driven. ACLA does exactly this by operating at the intersection of these three.



ACLA conducts research- and educational activities by combining insights from information technology, behavioral sciences, learning and education, and rigorous empirical evaluation methods. This enables us to make a fundamental scientific contribution and to improve the quality of education and labor markets.

Researchers from different fields and institutions collaborate as ACLA Fellows in research projects, exploiting each person’s unique knowledge and competencies. We actively cooperate with educational institutions, organizations and government; both for the purpose of conducting research and for implementing educational innovations. These Partners are instrumental for enabling research, innovations and for bringing expert knowledge to the table.

The result is a Learning Analytics environment that acquires relevant and high-quality data, and that contributes to the body of knowledge on how education and labor markets can be effectively designed and tailor made.